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Catie Kuralt & Harrison Hart — Minted

Catie Kuralt


Harrison Hart

Catie Kuralt and Harrison Hart

Meet us at the Duke Mansion

When Harry met Catie

One night in 2015, a boy and a girl were brought to a party by their best friends. Little did anyone know, nearly 10 years later that boy and girl would become husband and wife. We spent every possible second of that next year together, about half of it driving between our houses hoping our parents wouldn’t notice we were getting home late again. Then came college and Catherine saying she would never transfer to Florida State, followed by me swearing I would never move to New York. It appears we were both wrong, and couldn’t be happier about it.

Since moving to New York our favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon has been with a trip to Central Park. It was during one of these trips, hiding from the rain under an American Elm tree, that I knew this was the place I would ask her to marry me. On one of those Sundays in October, that very same tree we sheltered under bore witness to her response.

I consider myself the luckiest man in the world to be the one who gets to marry her, and we are so excited to share this moment with our friends and family on April 5th.